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3 in 1 Jackets

Part of our outdoor clothing range is the 3 in 1 jacket and within this category you will find styles for both men and women. A 3 in 1 jacket is an extremely versatile piece of outdoor clothing as it contains an inner garment that can be zipped out from the main shell and be worn alone. The inner garment is usually a fleece but not always and variations include soft shell and lightweight padded jackets

  • Three options of a 3 in 1 jacket
  1. Wear the combined garment that consists of an outer shell with an inner warmth layer. This combination provides a high level of weather protection in extreme conditions
  2. Zip-out the inner jacket and wear the outer shell alone. This usually provides good protection from the elements when a warmth layer is not required
  3. Wear the inner jacket alone when conditions are not so harsh